Beautiful, beguiling and treacherous…

The Valley of Lost Stories

Big Little Lies meets Picnic at Hanging Rock in a secluded valley over the Blue Mountains. Four women and their children are invited to the beautiful but remote Capertee Valley for a much-needed holiday. Once home to a burgeoning mining industry, now all that remains are ruins slowly being swallowed by the bush and the jewel of the valley, a stunning, renovated Art Deco hotel. This is a place haunted by secrets. In 1948 Clara Black walked into the night, never to be seen again. 

As the valley beguiles these four friends, and haunts them in equal measure, each has to confront secrets of her own: Nathalie with a damaged marriage; Emmie yearning for another child; Pen struggling as a single parent; and Alexandra hiding in the shadow of her famous husband. But as the mystery of what happened seventy years earlier unravels, one of the women also vanishes into this bewitching but wild place, forcing devastating truths to the surface.

About Vanessa

Vanessa McCausland studied English and Australian Literature at Sydney University and graduated with honours in Theatre and Performance Studies. She has worked as a journalist for nearly 20 years, including as a news and arts journalist for the Daily Telegraph, and her writing has appeared in numerous other publications. Vanessa lives in Sydney with her husband and daughter.