A remote French island. A crumbling villa. A reclusive film star. And an inheritance Saskia never expected.

Dreaming In French

The stunning new novel from the critically acclaimed author of The Beautiful Words.

Saskia Wyle spent one sultry European summer on Île de Re when she was nineteen. The bright salt flats and sun-soaked beaches are now a distant memory, and one she made herself forget after an unspeakable tragedy.

But the French heiress she befriended over twenty years ago has left half of her magnificent home to Saskia and the other half to Felix Allard, the now-reclusive film star living on the island. How did Simone Durant die? Was it the family curse that haunted her? And why has she included Saskia in her will after all this time?

Saskia returns to the place of dry-stone walls and ancient olive trees to find that Simone has left her another unexpected gift – a manuscript written in French. Like the lyrical language embedded somewhere in Saskia’s subconscious, she must find a way to understand what Simone is telling her. As Saskia once again falls under the island’s spell, she must reckon with her past to save what is most precious to her.

About Vanessa

Vanessa McCausland studied English and Australian Literature at Sydney University and graduated with honours in Theatre and Performance Studies. She has worked as a journalist for nearly 20 years, including as a news and arts journalist for the Daily Telegraph, and her writing has appeared in numerous other publications. Vanessa lives in Sydney with her husband and daughter.